About Us

Here’s for some about us…

The perfect bathing suit. We’ve been looking for it for years.

The one that can make us feel comfortable, with just the right amount of chic and elegance.

The one that will flatter us, hold us together and will justify the fashionista rep we worked so hard for.

Sounds familiar?

So we’ve been looking for that perfect one for years, till finally, we decided to create it.

How smart is that (-:

Beacha is a bathing suits brand that really understands you, your body, your needs and oh yeah, your dreams. Kind of like the perfect significant other.

With Beacha you are guaranteed for high quality, meticulousness on the tiniest details,

an attentive personal service and last, but definitely not least, a wicked look.

Here’s some technical, but important deetz:

*Chlorine out, Potable water in - our suit is chlorine resistant, but it is recommended to always wash with portable water.

*Your density calls you - We use a high density fabric, so our suit is toning and oh so shaping.

*Double duty - To add structure and strength, we made the suits with a double layer, which means, you feel double good.

So join us for an all year summer and lets meet on Beacha.